Total Display Solution Company

Automotive Display
We provide top vehicle display solution with high-solution, large display, high accuracy In-Touch OLED & LCD product developed in consideration of Vehicle’s complicated structure & hard driving condition.
Commercial Display
Commercial Display is a display solution that provides information to the public, not to a particular individual, in public places, and delivers accurate information in various environments such as airport, shopping mall, restaurant billboards, game console controllers, and educational settings.
LCD products for TVs with IPS Nano Color technology and independent HDR algorithms and OLED products with 100% color accuracy deliver the best quality from any angle.
IT & Industrial
Depending on slimmer bezel and usage characteristics, we offer products for higher-quality IT with optimized screen ratios and optimum curvature for aximum immersion.
It also provides reliable industrial and medical LCD products under harsh conditions to deliver accurate information under any circumstances.
The OLED display, where the panel shines on its own, delicately adjusts light to express the natural color and embodies infinite intensity to provide a clear image quality in different dimensions. It is also a simple structure without backlight, thin and light, so it can be used for a variety of purposes and designs.
Transparent OLED
Transparent OLED is the most advanced OLED display that provides transparency such as glass and quality of OLED at the same time. We propose INVENUS as BSK's SOLUTION, which can use LG DISPLAY's transparent OLED more practically.
We are providing various components and accessories related to OLED.
  • OLED board : AD board, SMPS(Power board)
  • Glass : Custom size, thickness, reinforcement method, coating, printing, etc.
  • Cable : 3m MCX cable(Sorce PCB to Control PCB)
  • TSP : Custom P-CAP Touch Screen Panel (TSP) for Touch Solution in OLED