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Optical Direct Bonding
Optical Direct Bonding is a technology that removes voids by using an optical adhesive in the space between the Display and the Cover Glass or Touch Glass. Among them, BSK uses OCA (Optically Clear Adhesive) Direct Bonding technology to deliver products that require high reliability, such as automobiles, aviation, ships, and medical devices, to customers.
  • Strength of OCA D/B
    • Various works: OCR method has limitations in complicated process and hardening process, but OCA method can be bonded to various works more stably.
    • Capacity: The process is simple, and production efficiency can be maximized.
    • Prevent progressive air bubbles: Optical film adhesion ensures high durability, and the probability of progressive voiding due to OCA film properties is significantly lower.
    • High Yield: OCA method can save time and materials with a higher yield than OCR, thereby reducing the loss of work for the person in charge and improving efficiency.
  • OCA Future Applications

    OCA is thinner and more versatile due to the simplicity of the process and the benefits of the curing process. OCA will be the best choice over the current technology OCR.

    • Large size Display
    • 1 Cover Glass + Multi Display
    • Curved Display
    • Super Thin Display
"INVENUS" is a name created by combining English "Inventive" and "Venus." It contains the meaning of finally realizing the sparkle and beauty of Venus. The clear and shiny image of the rising star was expressed in the product name of the display.
  • Easy installation
    • Realization of Plug and Play that anyone can easily install with the configuration including all SET required for product operation.
  • Versatile
    • Modularization of products by applying patented design, and free configuration from standalone to video wall using dedicated accessories
  • Affordable price
    • Secures price competitiveness by simplifies SCM, manufactures molds.